Have you ever wondered whether or not the weather has any impact on how well you sleep? Personally, I can’t get a good night sleep if I’m hot. I’ll toss and turn all night until my body gets so tired it eventually gives up and I pass out.

To find out whether or not cold weather mistakes actually affect my sleep I decided to put a few examples to the test. Using my Basis Peak, I tracked four nights of sleep where I included different variables. Things like sleeping with too many blankets, fewer blankets, the heat turned up, and the heat turned off. Here are my results:

Basis Peak SleepTracker Results

Sleeping with Too Many Blankets

As expected, I slept really poorly. I tossed and turned around 26 times, and had primarily light sleep with very little deep sleep. Not too good.

Basis Peak SleepTracker Results

Sleeping with the Heat Turned Up

This night was filled with light sleep and a whole bunch of tossing and turning. This was also the only night out of the four where I woke up due to an interruption, which was likely me trying to find a way to stay cool; kicking the comforter off of me.

Basis Peak SleepTracker Results

Sleeping with Fewer Blankets

Despite my score being so low, which is likely due to the amount of time I slept, I actually slept great. My deep sleep wasn’t as high as I would have liked, but I tossed and turned a bit less than when I had too many blankets the night before.

Basis Peak SleepTracker Results

Sleeping with the Heat Turned Off

During this week’s sleep test, this was by far my best sleep. Once again, the sleep score itself wasn’t the best, and I only slept a little under six hours, but my overall tossing and turning was a minimum and when I did fall into a deep sleep, it was actually deep.


Everyone has their own preference for sleeping. Some can sleep without the need of a sheet or comforter; not me, I need to be covered. Naturally, the two tests where I was warmer than normal resulted in a poorer night’s sleep. For others, this might look different. I challenge you to put cold weather mistakes to the test by tracking four nights of sleep like I did.

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