How Does a Speeding Ticket Impact Insurance Premiums?

When you’re caught speeding, it’s important to understand the consequences. You’ll likely increase your car insurance premium, depending on the severity of the offense. But with some knowledge and an experienced traffic lawyer who can help you navigate the legal process and protect your rights. Take a look at this guide to learn more about how speeding tickets impact your insurance premiums.

How does a speeding ticket impact insurance premiums?

The extent to which a speeding ticket will impact your car insurance premiums depends on several factors, including your insurance company, your driving record, and the severity of the ticket. Generally speaking, a speeding ticket will cause your insurance premiums to go up. How much they go up will depend on your insurance company and how many tickets you have on your driving record, but a speeding ticket will mean an insurance increase of about 24%, based on nationwide averages. Your monthly premiums may only go up a few dollars if you have a clean driving record. However, if you have a history of traffic violations, your premiums could go up by hundreds of dollars annually.

Additionally, the severity of the ticket can impact your car insurance premium. For example, a ticket for driving more than 20 miles per hour (MPH) over the speed limit is a more serious offense than a ticket for driving 10 MPH over the speed limit. As a result, a driver who receives a ticket for driving more than 20 MPH over the speed limit is likely to see a more significant increase in their premiums. Remember that a history of speeding may negate this rule, so if you’ve received a speeding ticket before, it may not matter how much you exceeded the speed limit.

Can I prevent a premium hike if I’m guilty of speeding?

While your insurance company may be understanding if you’re involved in a minor accident, they’re much less likely to show mercy if you’re caught speeding. You can expect your premiums to skyrocket if you’re caught going more than 15 MPH over the limit. However, you may want to contact your insurance company to talk about the incident. They won’t increase your premium if you prove you weren’t guilty of speeding. If you don’t prove innocence, you may not have a choice.

You may also want to shop around for a new car insurance company. Not all insurers charge the same rates for drivers caught speeding, so it’s important to compare rates before renewing your policy. According to Forbes, the cheapest car insurance is offered by USAA, which offers the lowest rates, accident forgiveness, and new car replacement.

How do I fight a speeding ticket in court?

There are ways to fight a speeding ticket in court, and you may be able to get the ticket dismissed altogether. The first step is to gather evidence to support your defense. This may include watermarked dashcam footage, an image of your speed reached when pulled over, or any other type of evidence. If you have a recording of your conversation with the police officer who pulled you over and it’s helpful to your case, consider bringing it to court. And if you’re sure you didn’t speed, hire an attorney to help you fight the ticket on your behalf. Worst case scenario, an attorney can help you negotiate a lower fine and even help you avoid getting points on your license.

You will then need to decide whether to plead guilty or not guilty, and you must appear in court to argue your case if you plead not guilty. If you represent yourself in court, prepare and know the relevant laws. If you are found guilty of a speeding ticket, you may be subject to fines and other penalties, such as points on your driver’s license. If you’re found innocent, you won’t have to pay the ticket or suffer an increased car insurance premium rate.

A speeding ticket can significantly impact your insurance premiums if you’re guilty. Your best bet is to try and avoid receiving any type of ticket, as it can lead to increased car insurance rates. If you get a ticket, you have the right to fight it in court and avoid a premium increase.

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