Luxury travel and hospitality are among the industries whose business is based on good customer service, positive referrals, visuals, and online content. These strategies are used to attract customers and keep them coming back.

Social media platforms, especially Instagram, have provided these businesses with a way to engage their customers through the strategies mentioned above. More people are finding value in experiences such as traveling. Luxury travel and hospitality businesses are using Instagram to tap into this market.

Using Instagram, these businesses are not only able to attract new customers but also provide visibility into their businesses. But how is Instagram transforming these industries? Here is how;

Allows Luxury Travel and Hospitality Businesses to Tell Their Story

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for niche communities and high-quality stories. This is what luxury travel and hospitality industries can use to create engaging stories for their businesses.

These businesses no longer need to share just the basics as they do on other social media platforms. Instagram has offered a platform where they can share more than just that in a bid for them to attract audiences.

The industries have now been forced to go all out with their content marketing on Instagram to create experiences that customers can engage with. This is the only way for them to replicate the substantial benefits of content marketing seen with SAAS companies in recent years.

Use of Hashtags

Even though the hashtag was first brought to Twitter on August 23, 2007, by Chris Messina, it was not popular until users on Instagram started using it. The use of hashtags has provided new ways for businesses in the luxury travel and hospitality industries to categorize their messages.

These industries are an extension of different communities. They have scenery that can evoke different feelings in travelers. This is what Instagram is allowing businesses in these industries to showcase.

As discussed above, hotels have seen the benefits of content marketing for SaaS companies. They are, therefore, using strategies such as hashtags to create amazing content that allows them to connect with different travel communities. By doing so, they can raise awareness, increase visibility, and encourage engagement.

Marketing for a Different Type of Travellers

Initially, luxury travel was a preserve for the affluent in the community. However, this has changed due to Instagram’s effect on millennials. They are looking for ways to share great experiences with their Instagram followers.

These customers need their travel and hospitality experiences to be worthy of posting on Instagram. But how can they get this if they cannot see what a luxury travel or hospitality business has to offer?

This has forced luxury travel and hospitality businesses to jazz up their Instagram accounts and share content that shows what makes them special. They have to ensure that the content shared is beautiful enough to attract these travelers. For instance, if it is food, it has to be well-presented and colorful.

Customer Service

Chances are that you have heard of a recent incident where a company was exposed on a social media platform for something wrong. This is one example of how quickly a negative experience can spread on social media.

Instagram is one of the top three social media platforms used by young people. They (young people) communicate with luxury travel and hospitality businesses through these platforms. This has prompted these businesses to ensure that they are active on Instagram, among other social media platforms.

However, they cannot be active without sharing content. They, therefore, curate engaging content to not only attract customers but also develop relationships with them. These relationships are essential when it comes to customer service.

Helps Luxury Travel and Hospitality Businesses to Build Brand Ambassadors

Modern customers want to hear the experiences of other customers before they spend their money on a product or service. There are different ways of doing this, with the most popular one being reviews on business websites and other rating platforms.

However, Instagram is changing this for the luxury travel and hospitality industry. A good number of customers are checking the Instagram profiles of these businesses to see what other travelers are saying about their experiences.

This has forced these businesses to create content that showcases their scenery, services, and experiences and share it on Instagram. They are also sharing user-generated images using the hashtags discussed above to create a conversation around the businesses.

Here, they are able to build brand ambassadors from customers who have had great experiences with them before.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms we have today. Since it is based on visuals, it is the best platform for luxury travel and hospitality businesses. As the platform evolves, we will see these businesses change to adapt to the requirements of their customers.