It’s fun to be invited to weddings of old friends. You get to catch up with everyone, see your friend move forward with their life, dress well, and dance the night away. Sounds pretty good to us! But there’s one thing better than being invited to a wedding, and that’s being asked to be a part of the wedding. If you’re the best man, then you’re going to play a big role in the success of the day.

In this blog, we’re going to run through some useful tips that’ll ensure you’re a top-tier best man.

Recognize The Honor

There’s no avoiding the fact that being the best man can be hard work. And sometimes, people can wish that they hadn’t been asked. If you’re afraid of public speaking, then being asked to deliver an outstanding speech will be the last thing that you want to hear. However, while there will be difficult moments, it’s still important to be grateful that you’ve been asked. It’s a big honor, one that tells you that you’re highly thought of by other people.

Get Involved With The Process

You’ll be there on the big day, sure, but your duties as a best man begin before then. The bride and groom will have a lot to organize, so why not help them in some way? This may not mean actively organizing things. It could mean simply asking about their plans, being a sounding board, finding out if they’re having any difficulties, things like that. Many people back off from asking about wedding plans because they think the bride and groom want to handle everything. But in truth, everyone likes to talk about their wedding plans! So make sure you’re giving them plenty of opportunities to do so.

Bachelor Party Goodness

And now the fun part: the bachelor party! This should be a big occasion; there’s no doubt about it. You’ll be in charge of coming up with a fun idea, organizing all the guests, and all around making sure that the plan goes off without a hitch. There are a million different types of bachelor parties you can have. Some people like to go to Vegas or New York. Others like to go on long camping trips. The main thing is that you do something that the groom will like.

Gifts for the Wedding

And now to the wedding day itself. This is your moment to shine. You’ll have your speech to give (more on that below), but you should also ensure that you’re providing a fun and happy atmosphere. A nice surprise to bring to the wedding is a box of cigars. Trust us when we say that they’ll be a hit! There’s just something special about a bunch of old friends lighting up a cigar on a wedding day when they’re all dressed to the nines. Another nice gift to bring is a nice bottle of whisky. It’s the ideal way to toast what will be a very special day.

Nail The Speech

The speech isn’t everyone’s favorite best man duty. Indeed, it’s a rare person that actively looks forward to it. But if you want to give the groom a gift they’ll remember forever, it’s an awesome best man speech. If this idea fills you with dread, work with a speech coach beforehand. You’ll go over your speech a million times, which will help to make it watertight and ensure that you know it like the back of your hand. You may still be nervous when you stand up. But that’s OK. Once you begin speaking, you’ll know that there’s no way you’ll forget your lines.

Dance Floor Moves

You’ll be on cloud nine after you’ve finished your speech. Now’s the time to bring the party. Some people need a little convincing to get up on the dancefloor. As the best man, it’s up to you to ensure that people are having fun. So dance the night away, dance with people you don’t know, and ensure that it’s a party that’ll live long in the memory.

Bring the Support

Finally, remember that not every function as a best man will be about bringing the good times. You should also provide emotional support for your friend, too. You may be nervous as the best man; the groom could very well be petrified. It’s not easy getting up in front of everyone to be married, even if you know you’re marrying the right person. If they need some help and support, be sure to provide it.