Important Skills To Demonstrate In Your College Application

If you are currently going through the process of applying to college, you’ll want to show admissions tutors that you are well-rounded as a student, demonstrate your best achievements, and make it clear how you could be an asset to the college. Colleges get thousands of applications on a yearly basis and demonstrating a wide skillset that is going to support you throughout your studies is a great way to make sure that your application stands out in the crowd. Here are some of the skills that admissions tutors are looking out for when they view applications.

Writing Skills

The majority of college majors will involve a lot of writing. Even if you are not studying English, you will probably need to master academic writing skills for essays, research projects, and other academic assignments. STEM students will be expected to write up the results of their studies and experiments in a way that is clear to understand. So, put a lot of effort into writing your application in a way that shows off your writing skills. Make sure that your grammar and spelling are perfect by asking somebody to proof-read your application before you submit it.

Research Skills

While studying for your college degree, it’s important to work on developing your research skills. No matter what major you choose, the ability to research for assignments and study on your own is going to be guaranteed. Along with strong research skills, you’ll also need to be able to back up your research and reference it clearly. One of the easiest ways to demonstrate your research skills in your college application is by conducting plenty of research into the college itself before you apply. You can use a site like to find out about statistics, facilities and more for your chosen college.

Communication Skills

Learning how to communicate with others and listen effectively is a huge part of the university experience that will help you to prepare for the world of work. No matter what degree subject you decide to major in, you will need to be able to communicate well with your peers in class when working together on group projects and to get your point across in assignments, essays, and research projects. In your college application, it’s a wise idea to include some real-life examples of where you have successfully put your communication skills to use in the past.

Teamwork Skills:

If you have had a part-time job for your last couple of high school years or have played on a sports team, this is definitely worth a mention in your college application. Colleges are often looking for strong team players who are able to demonstrate an ability to work well with others. And no matter what degree you decide to study, you are probably going to be faced with the need to work well as a team for certain assignments and projects. Mention any extracurricular activities you’ve taken part in where teamwork was key.

College admissions tutors aren’t just looking for good grades – demonstrating a range of transferable skills in your application can help you stand out from the crowd.

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