Last Minute Gift Ideas for Men this Holiday Season

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On the lookout for last-minute stocking stuffers and gift ideas this holiday season? I’ve got you covered. Take a look at these two brands and see if they will be a great gift for the men in your life.

Sugarlands Distillery

Sugarlands Shine Review

I was looking for a few spirits to use in creating cocktails this holiday season and I’ve found it with Sugarlands Distilling company products. You can use their ‘find’ page to see shops near you that sell their products, like the two I received below:

Appalachian Apple Pie Moonshine

Sugarlands Shine Appalachian Apple Pie

I’m most excited to try including Sugarlands’ Appalachian Apple Pie Moonshine in a few different cocktails this holiday season. One of them just so happens to be included on Sugarlands website, the Cinnamon Apple Mimosa found here.

Appalachian Apple Pie serves up a zesty taste of fresh baked green apples between two layers of shortbread, accented with a lemon zest. The fresh snap of green apple rounds out into a quick citrus finish with a lingering caramel cushion. 

Silver Cloud Tennessee Sour Mash Moonshine

Sugarlands Shine Silver Cloud Tennessee Sour Mash

Silver Cloud Tennessee Sour Mash Moonshine is the perfect drink for those looking to enjoy a sour mash with their sweet tooth. The subtle sweetness of fresh Tennessee corn and cane sugar come together in this authentic recipe that finishes off crisp, polished flavor familiar only found at shine bars everywhere! I would have never thought of using a moonshine as the spirit in a margarita, but Sugarlands recipes changed my mind.

Baldies Shower Bar + Shave Bar

Baldies Shower and Shave Bar

As someone who shaves their head and is quite literally a “baldie,” I can appreciate a good shave bar. In fact, I prefer them over traditional shaving creams and gels. They last longer and seem to work far better than the aforementioned options.

Baldies make wonderful shower and shave bars that smell just as great as they look. The Baldies 002 is uniquely positioned to not just help you get a closer shave, but also support skin health along the way. One of its key ingredients is avocado oil which contains essential fatty acids that nourish and moisturize your complexion as well natural French green clay for an extra clean feeling after shaving! The result? A smoother head (or face) without any painful cuts or irritation from razor burn caused by other products on the market today.

Baldies makes for a great stocking stuffer


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