Moving into a New Home? Here’s How to Cope With the Chaos

We all know that moving house can be quite an ordeal. It’s expensive, there’s a boatload of planning and admin involved, and moving day itself can be very physically and mentally taxing.

But despite the chaos that’s ensured in a move, there are always ways to manage it, keep yourself calm and pave the way for a smooth process.

Here are five tips to help you survive this turbulent time.

Hire Professional Help

While it will cost you more, hiring professional movers is just the simplest and least stressful option when it comes to moving house. It will take a load of stress off your shoulders, and minimise the need for you to tire yourself out too much. You can get professional movers and even professional packers if you need to focus on other tasks.

Picking a reliable moving company is important. You can read here to find recommendations for the best moving companies in 2022, to ensure that you use someone reputable and trustworthy.

Set a Schedule

A great way to make things easier and more manageable is to set yourself a schedule to get things done week by week. The earlier you start planning and packing, the easier things will be to handle.

Of course, early on, there won’t be much you can do. However, making a list of everything that needs to be done and scheduling out each task for the next few weeks will help you stay on track and make the last few days before the move much more manageable.

Use Checklists

Using lists is one of the best ways to organise your move. You can create different lists on your phone notes, or use a physical notebook if you prefer analogue methods of organisation.

Some examples of lists you can make include things you need to schedule and book, things you need to buy for your new home, repairs to be done before the inspection, everything that needs to be packed, special or valuable items that need separate packing, important dates around your move, etc.

Phone a Friend

If you feel overwhelmed with everything that needs to happen on moving day, don’t feel shy to call in reinforcements. Friends and family members are there to care for you, and if someone lives nearby, you should be able to ask them for a helping hand.

Offer to repay them with pizza and beer, and you’re likely to get a few volunteers for your moving weekend.

Make Peace With the Mess

Finally, understand and make peace with the fact that your move is going to have hiccups and moments of chaos. What’s important is that you learn to cope with it. If you’re prone to stress and anxiety, you’ll need to find ways to stay sane during the process.

Try to let go of things you can’t control and avoid worrying about things that might or could go wrong. Instead, do the best you can to get everything organised and then let things happen.

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