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Whether you are planning a short vacation to Dubai or an epic honeymoon through the different Emirates, the best way to travel and explore the UAE is by car. But before getting behind the wheel and starting your road trip, there are a few boxes on your to-do list that need to be ticked – including getting car insurance.

In the quick-start guide below, you’ll learn how to get the best value for your money while also guaranteeing you and your party the peace of mind you deserve to have on your trip to Dubai!

First Things First: Shop Around and Compare Policies

The first thing to do when choosing an insurance policy for you and your car in Dubai is to get several insurance quotes in UAE and compare policies from reputable insurance companies certified by the UAE Insurance Authority.

While you may wish to spend the time before your vacation picking the wonderful hotels you’ll stay at and scheduling the once-in-a-lifetime experiences Dubai offers, comparing different policies is key to safeguarding your vacation budget and obtaining the best coverage for your needs.

Understand the Local Law Requirements

When getting car insurance, it is important to understand the local legal requirements to ensure that you are getting at least the minimum level of coverage to drive legally in Dubai.

In particular, in the UAE, the right car insurance to meet the law requirements should cover at least third-party liability. Nonetheless, most drivers choose comprehensive coverages with tailored add-ons to enjoy greater peace of mind.

Choose Add-Ons and Riders

Every year, in the UAE, there are nearly 3,500 car crashes, causing over 380 deaths and leaving over 2,600 people injured. That is why having third-party liability is essential – but this is also why you should look beyond the minimum level of coverage!

Add ones and riders allow you to customize your policy and enjoy unparalleled protection no matter where your trip will take you. For example, roadside assistance, fire and theft protection, and off-road driving coverage can help you enjoy your trip without having to worry about unexpected expenses and issues.

Understand What Is Excluded From Your Policy

One of the priciest mistakes to avoid when it comes to car insurance is getting too much coverage. After all, you’ll only be in the UAE temporarily, and comprehensive insurance or extravagant add-ons might not be essential.

But regardless of the level of coverage your policy provides, it is crucial to be aware of what may be excluded from your cover. Depending on your policy, this might include off-road accidents, damages caused by driving under the influence, and damages from deliberate actions.

Ensure You Are Allowed To Drive in UAE

As we have seen, to drive legally in the UAE, you must, at least, have third-party liability insurance. However, there are other requirements you’ll need to meet.

Firstly, you need to be at least 18 to drive in the UAE, but you must be at least 21 to rent a car. What’s more, you might be required by your car rental agency to present a valid International Driving Permit alongside your own foreign Driver’s License.

If you are looking to reside in the UAE permanently, you might also need to exchange your license for a UAE driver’s license.

Choose Your Car and Car Rental Agency Wisely

While a valid driver’s license and a third-party liability insurance policy are all that you need to drive legally in the UAE, a lot of your driving experience in the UAE will depend on the car and rental agency you have picked.

Indeed, Dubai is the supercar capital of the world, and getting behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle might be the best way to immerse yourself in the luxurious and extravagant lifestyle the city offers. Nonetheless, getting insurance for these cars can be pricey – so, make sure to factor this cost into your vacation budget.

What’s more, some car rental agencies will provide you with a temporary car insurance policy. Make sure to review the terms and conditions of your policy and don’t skimp on essential add-ons!