Photographing newborn babies is something that parents really look up to. These pictures are pulled off as beautiful souvenirs for the children when they grow up. However, freezing these moments is not an easy task.

Crying babies, protective parents, and hours of shooting make newborn photography one of the most challenging verticals in the photography world.

As a photographer about to take newborn photos, knowing the below mistakes will help you take better photos.

Take a look.

Having Poor Lighting

Not getting the light right is the most common mistake photographers make during the photography session of a newborn. The fundamental rule should be to avoid “ghost light” babies. The baby should be placed so that the light comes on their face and does not reflect against them.

Checking the direction of the light by just squinting your eyes can be a great trick to avoid poor lighting. No photo editing software can replace lousy and poor lighting in a photograph.

Trying to Rush It

Physically and emotionally draining, newborn photography can leave you disheartened. One has to start with similar poses and try to master them. Newborn babies are often not very cooperative and can be unfriendly towards even the best camera angles. The trick is to take it slow and perfect one pose at a time.

Comparing and Copying

The world of photography gravitates people towards you if you have an element of uniqueness in your work. Simply copying ideas and incorporating them in your pictures will kill the distinctiveness in your photographs.

Comparing your work with others will not only deter your zeal but will also rust your own imagination. Make your photography quirky and special by focusing on your creative urge and individualistic work style.

Neglecting The Baby’s Comfort

Newborn babies don’t regulate body temperatures as adults would do. So, it becomes essential to keep the babies warm and comfortable. To achieve this, photographers either tweak the temperature of the photo studio or use newborn photography wraps. These wraps are available in various colors and designs. They comfort the baby and add a whimsical element to the photograph.

It should be made sure that the surroundings are safe and secure while taking a photograph. The photo can rack up as one of the most delightful photos on social media, but if all the safety measures are not followed, the photographer does not give his client a pleasant experience of freezing the most precious moments of their life.

Lack of Communication

A prep session with parents is as necessary as keeping the baby’s safety and comfort in mind. The right and timely communication can ensure a smoother ride and help bring out the newborn’s winsome and beautiful pictures.

Here are a few things that you must communicate to the infant’s parents before the photography session:

  • Feeding the baby a few hours before the session will keep the baby active and avoid any crank spells.
  • Keeping the baby’s sleep schedule in mind before fixing the session and planning a power nap in advance can help the baby be more comfortable.
  • Having the baby’s pacifier handy will calm him if the photography session goes on for long hours.
  • Trying to fix a session within the first 5 to 14 days is a good idea to capture the fresh moments of the baby’s life.

Final Words

Capturing the first moments of a newborn’s life is priceless and an unparalleled way to make memories. Keeping these tips and tricks in mind, the challenges faced during the photography sessions can easily be avoided.

You end up giving the parents a recollection of memories and moments they can cherish forever.

Good luck!