Have you ever dreamt about riding in a limousine? For some, riding in supercars is a dream come true. Others love the idea of having a limousine bring them to their functions. Thankfully, they can use Pearson limousine service when they land at the Toronto airport. But, do you know that limousines are slowly becoming the norm for wealthy and moneyed individuals? Yes, more and more people are now buying limousines to get them to and from where they need and want to go. Which brings us to the list of most expensive limousines ever made:

The Batmobile-Inspired Limo

Worth: USD $4.2 Million

It’s not the real Batmobile, but this limousine took inspiration from the popular Batman films from the 90s. While this may not be the real deal, it has jaw-dropping features that can rival Bruce Wayne’s infamous ride. This limousine comes with a jet engine, missile and rocket launchers, rear flaps for braking, and gasoline control. Did we say it also has ejectable front and back wheels? Yes, because your average limousine just won’t do for the owner of this one of a kind ride.

The American Dream Limousine

Worth: USD $4 Million

The American Dream is a limousine owned by Jay Ohrberg, a certified car collector and builder. Ohrberg has an impressive collection of cars, which includes the American Dream. This limousine is said to be the longest car listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, measuring at least a hundred feet long. Apart from that, the American Dream has a storied history. This vehicle cannot be legally driven on the road because of its enormous length. In fact, the car must be placed on a flatbed when transporting it. The car, made in 1986, was used as a promotional vehicle. When the lease ended, the car was eventually abandoned and left to rot in a warehouse somewhere in New Jersey. Luckily, someone discovered it, and it is now used as a vehicle to help students learn about fixing and building cars.

The Beast

Worth: USD $3 Million

The Beast is probably the most well known on this list as former U.S. President Barack Obama previously used it. Because it needs to protect the former head of state, The Beast comes with armored plates that can withstand an RPG. Aside from that, this vehicle also has oxygen tanks, firefighting equipment, shotguns, and according to a source, grenade launchers. Insiders say that The Beast can only be driven by highly trained drivers, skilled at evading attackers when necessary.

The Midnight Rider

Worth: USD $2.5 Million

If the American Dream is the longest car, the Midnight Rider would probably take the cake for being the heaviest limousine with a weight of 22,933 kilograms! The tractor-trailer limo is the only one in the world and features lounges and a full-size commercial bar. It can accommodate as many as 40 passengers. So, it is safe to say that this vehicle is perfect for bringing your entire family on a luxurious road trip.

Toyota Century Royal

Worth: USD $534,135

The Japanese car manufacturing giant has previously produced the Century Royal for the exclusive use of the Emperor of Japan. Like the Beast, this vehicle has security features to protect its passengers from threats.
No one can blame you for dreaming of living the luxurious life of the rich and famous. Limousine services are there to provide safety and comfort for their passengers. Sometimes, business owners hire limo services because they want to look presentable to their investors. Others hire one to treat themselves for working hard. So, go out there and live the high life even for a few hours.