Fitness and training is a crucial part in many people’s lives. In fact, the fitness industry is booming in a way that it never has before. More and more people are starting to refocus their lives on eating well, exercising regularly, and balancing their work and social lives to maintain positive mental health.

Fitness Watches review

There have been several reasons that the industry is booming so much, and why people are becoming more and more focussed on creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not only has there been universal attention being brought on the need to kick unhealthy habits and clean eating, but there are other factors such as increased healthcare costs as well as the increase of wearable technology.

Wearable technology, like fitness watches, have become more and more sought in the last decade and studies have shown that they are still one of the biggest trends in 2019, with manufacturers working to ensure accuracy and increased benefits. So, just what are the advantages of buying these pieces of wearable technology, and how will it benefit your workout and health regime? We took a look at the top reasons why you should buy a fitness watch today and ensure that your fitness is taken to all-new levels.

Accuracy Has Increased

One of the main reasons why fitness watches seemed to drop in popularity over the last few years was that people started to find flaws in their accuracy. The number of daily steps didn’t seem to add up, heart rate readings were not on point, and there were just general flaws in the texts.

As a result, manufacturers have gone back to the drawing board with most products and have refined their readings. Due to the accuracy being increased in most products, the popularity of each of them has increased significantly. In fact, a cardio critics review of the Vivosmart 3, produced by Garmin, for example, has praised the fitness watch. All ratings have been tipped at over 95% including heart functions and features.

Garmin Fitness Watches

They Have a Number of Features

Let’s stay on the number of features. We can all agree that more is better. The more features that the watch has, the more you can learn about your fitness status and how healthy you are. Fitness watches are evolving more and more to be able to tell you more about yourself. The latest watches can monitor and measure the following:

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Exercise Recognition
  • GPS
  • Tracking Features
  • Distance Trackers
  • Calorie Monitor 
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Water Features

Many smartphones have also been improved in numerous areas to make the watch more user-friendly. Customers must be able to wear the watch comfortably and to have as much information to be fed to them as possible.

That is why many of them offer smartphone integrations or with your desktop. All of the information that you have tracked can be transferred to the other source, and the data can be carefully analyzed. Compatibility is key, so make sure you get a watch that integrates with your chosen phone or laptop.

The physical aspect of the watch is also vital. Many have been refined to the perfect size. Fitness watches have the danger of being too big and clunky and therefore impacting your workout. Today, watches have been slimmed down to be a lot more comfortable and sleek to stay out of your way when exercising.

The bands have also been improved upon in most cases, with the watch bands being adjustable and being made out of sweat and water-resistant materials.

It Incentivises you to Work Out

This is one of the key advantages of buying a fitness watch. Fitness watches are an investment in your health. Most watches cost over $100, and not many people would spend that kind of money on something that they would only use once or twice. Once you invest in a fitness watch, you are tying yourself into a contract with yourself to make the most out of that money.

The tracking features are vital in pushing you to challenge yourself. The distance and GPS features allow you to track your fitness progression and better them every time you work out. The more data you are given, the more opportunity you have to see how you are doing better than the last time you worked out. There is nothing better than self-motivation to get you back on the road or bike.

As much as you are your motivator, group motivation can take you even further. With several people being able to track and share their progress, you can put yourself up against friends, colleagues, or family and show your progression. Social sharing has also accelerated the fitness regime, with people posting their progress on social media.

There Are Great Apps To Track Progress

As physical technology has evolved, so has the digital. Most companies have developed apps to integrate with your hardware to make management and monitoring even easier! Many of the apps have been created independently from manufacturers and therefore can pair up with a number of brands.

These apps are in-depth and informative data capturers. Their features are evolving permanently, with more features and uses being added regularly. Apps like Strava, for example, allow you to download and keep routes for future use, or even share routes with other users. It also provides a unique feature that will enable you to set records on particular routes to increase competitiveness and achievement.

Wrapping Up

Globally, people are looking more and more toward improving their lifestyles and happiness. There is a mass evolution into clean, waste-free eating and living, and with this comes the increased need for exercise. Luckily, with the upswing of this trend, is the improvement of technology, and together, these two dominant factors allow you to become more and more conscious about your health and wellbeing.