Tips that will Help you to Set up your Very own Gaming Room

If you are passionate about gaming, then it helps to have your very own dedicated gaming room. When choosing your space, you need to think about comfort, technological assortments, and even which console you’re going to have. Some other things should be on your list too, some of which can be found below.


The first thing that you need to think about is the size you need. There isn’t a rule as to how big your room should be, but it does help to take into account your general requirements. For example, you need enough room for your TV, and you also need to make sure that it’s far enough away from your recliner or chair too. Of course, it does help to have a little extra room, in case you have some friends or even some siblings come over.

The Ultimate Gaming Setup


Speakers are an integral part of your gaming experience. If you don’t have good speakers to help you channel the sound, then you may end up ruining your entire experience before it’s even begun. There are various speakers that you can choose from, including 2.1 channel, 5.1 channel, 7.1 channel and even 9.1 channel. Of course, it should be noted that new speakers offer wireless connectivity, and this eliminates a lot of the mess that’s associated with wires trailing across the room.


A recliner or a beanbag is must-have for any gaming room. You need somewhere you can sit for hours on end without getting fatigued. When choosing your chair, try and think about whether you need the comfort of having arms, or whether you need to be sat higher up. For example, if your TV is on the wall, then you may want to have a chair that’s adjustable, so you don’t strain your neck when your gaming session goes into the early hours of the morning.


When you’re playing a great game, it’s nice to have the volume turned right up. On the flip side, you don’t want to disturb any family members. One way for you to get around this would be for you to hire a contractor so that they can soundproof the room for you. This will absorb a lot of the noise, and it will also make it way more comfortable for you to have the best gaming experience. Carpets and thick curtains can go a long way here too. If you want to take things to that next level, then you can get acoustic panels that are specifically designed to absorb noise.

TV or Projector

Gaming on a small screen isn’t fun. You need to make sure that you have a big display that really showcases the graphics. If you have a projector, then it is straightforward for you to change the size and even the distance at a later date. If you have a TV, on the other hand, then you’ll be limited in terms of how big you can go.


Setting up a gaming room ultimately means having tons of gadgets. You may have wires running across the room, and this can make it look messy. Loose cables can also pose as a danger too, as they are very easy to trip over. If you want to do something about this, then it helps to cover the wires by putting them underneath the carpet, so they don’t spoil the look of the room. You might also want to have a high-quality extension cord.

Consoles and Accessories

If you are really into gaming, then you probably have your own favorite console. This could include a Microsoft Xbox, a Nintendo Wii, or even a Playstation. Ultimately you need to choose a system that is going to serve you for years to come. If you choose an outdated system just because it is cheaper then you may end up paying a small fortune at a later date, so do keep that in mind.

PS4 Controller

Wireless Router

There’s a chance that you have a wireless router in your home for internet connectivity. If you’re an online gamer, then you have to make sure that the one you have is a good one. AT&T internet is available in all 50 states, so if you need a good internet provider, then don’t be afraid to check out their services.


It may sound boring, but lighting is so crucial when it comes to your gaming experience. Your gaming room shouldn’t be well-lit, but the lighting in the room should still be functional. Of course, it also helps to make sure that it is stylish too as this will help you to retain the general appearance of the room without having to worry about the overall lighting situation.

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