Wedding Gift Ideas For Fun-Loving Couples

Choosing the right wedding gift isn’t always easy. As people are getting married at a later age, when they might already live together and have a lot of stuff, the classic toaster/useless kitchen item gift has now become a redundant idea. Some couples ask for money, while a gift certificate is always a great gift. But what if you want to get something a little more personal and special – especially for a couple that’s far from traditional and boring!

Fun-loving couples appreciate thoughtful, unique gifts that suit their interests. You could have a lot of fun here, with some great ideas to help you find the perfect gift.

Check out the following wedding gift ideas for fun-loving couples.

Some wedding day entertainment

Remember the scene in Love Actually where some of the guests start performing ‘All You Need is Love’? It was completely unexpected and a fun surprise for the couple – could you plan something similar? Some wedding day entertainment can add to the occasion, and adds a special touch to day for the happy couple. From singing waiters, and wedding DJs, to a photo or karaoke booth, you can treat the couple to a wedding surprise that they’ll remember forever.

Send them on an adventure

Some of the best gifts are the ones that help you create amazing memories. One of the best things about being married is getting to enjoy adventures with your partner, so why not help fund some of their adventures?

There are a lot of amazing ideas you can use to create an experience that’s personal and unique to the happy couple. Are they interested in adrenaline junkie activities? Do they love to drive cool cars? With a lot of gift experiences available to buy, you’ll be sure to find plenty of suitable ideas.

Appeal to the liquor lovers

Do the lucky couple like to party? If the couple love to drink and have a good time, you can find a lot of booze-related gifts that they can enjoy after the wedding. From cocktail making sets to a special bottle of wine, drink gifts actually make thoughtful and welcome presents. You can treat them to some special bourbon for under $100 that they can save for anniversaries or a special occasion as something to remember their wedding (and you) by. Just make sure they don’t consume it at the wedding!

Send them a hint with gifts for entertaining

If the happy couple love to have friends and family over, then some gifts for entertaining are the perfect way to send them a hint that you want an invitation to come over! From a stack of board or backyard games to some cool kitchenware, married couples will appreciate the gesture, and the opportunity to spend time with their nearest and dearest.

Planning a wedding can take a long time and be very stressful, so some gifts for entertaining can help ease them into married life ready to enjoy what comes next.

Fund some of their honeymoon activities

After the wedding comes the honeymoon, an amazing trip that the newlyweds will want to remember. You can help them have a great time by buying them a honeymoon activity as a gift that they’ll really appreciate.

Some of the top honeymoon gift ideas include:

  • Day trips to experience some of the local area
  • Couples massages or spa treatments
  • Flight upgrades
  • Matching luggage
  • Photography equipment

You could also add some extra special touches like a bottle of champagne waiting for them in their room.

Take care of date night

It’s normal for couples to experience some post-wedding blues once the buzz and excitement of the wedding is over, but you can perk them back up again with the gift of some fantastic date nights to keep them going.

There are a lot of cool date night ideas for newlyweds you could consider taking care of as a wedding gift, including:

  • Dinner at a top restaurant
  • Wine tasting
  • Tickets to a gig or a festival
  • A boat ride or helicopter ride somewhere special
  • Theatre experiences

It’s nice for couples to have something to look forward to after the wedding is over, and it will show that you’re a thoughtful friend for wanting to get their marriage off to a happy and exciting start.

Pay for some cooking classes

Cooking classes are a fantastic way for couples to bond. They also come in handy for nights in! A cooking course can be a great way for a couple to spend time together, especially when the routine of work and other commitments creep back in after the wedding.

If cooking classes isn’t something they’d enjoy, why not try dance classes, crafting or something else altogether? Think about the things the couple like to do and plan an experience that suits them best.

Get them a message from their fave celebrity

Want to make the happy couple’s day even more special? Why not get them a message from their favorite celebrity? Now this can be easy to do if you have the right contacts, or you can try your luck by tracking down their agent or messaging them on social media.

Alternatively, there are celebrities who will record a message for a fee via websites like Cameo. It’s a fun and silly gift idea, but something that can be a lot of fun for them to receive on the day!

If you’re looking for a wedding gift that’s a little different to the usual affair, then it’s good to think about the couple and the kind of things they’d enjoy. It helps if you’re close to them and have a good sense of what they like and don’t like. At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts, but if you go the extra mile to get the happy couple something special, you know it’s a gift that they’ll cherish forever.

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