Why Everyone Needs a Lawyer On Speed Dial

A lawyer can act as a lifeline if you suddenly find yourself to be on the wrong side of the law. Unexpected events may see you facing prosecution even if you didn’t plan to break the law. The best time to find a lawyer you can trust is before you actually need one. Here are a few reasons why everyone needs a lawyer on speed dial.

1) Getting in a car crash

If you drive your car frequently, you may face a situation where you get in a car crash, even if you are an excellent driver. Car crashes may be caused as a result of negligence by another driver, inclement road or weather conditions, or due to your driving error. Even if you or others involved in the crash are not injured, it is always advisable to contact a lawyer as soon as you can. In such a scenario, you should consider an attorney with substantial experience in dealing with legal issues arising out of car crashes.

2) If you plan on starting a new business

Starting a new business may be something that you’ve thought about for some time now. However, before taking the plunge, it’s a great idea to get hold of a lawyer that you can trust. After all, apart from sales, marketing, and the operational side of things, you need to take care of the regulatory and statutory aspects of running a business. Furthermore, there might be instances when you face lawsuits from customers or even your employees. Hence, it will always help if you have a lawyer on speed dial to help you avoid financial disasters when you’re starting a new business.

3) To help solve family disputes

There may be families where disputes arise amongst family members resulting in violence. If you are the perpetrator of such violence, you should consult an attorney with experience in handling such cases. If you don’t have a good lawyer to safeguard you, you may get in serious trouble. After all, violence in a family setting has the potential of serious jail time if the perpetrator is successfully prosecuted. On the other hand, if you are the victim of violence arising out of a family dispute, it’s perhaps even more vital for you to have a good lawyer. He or she will help protect your rights, ensure your safety, and possibly assist you in getting a protection order or a restraining order against the opposite party.

4) Protecting your teen

Being a parent is not an easy task. It can become even more challenging once your child hits the teenage years and is a victim of peer pressure. You may face potential legal issues if your teenage child indulges in minor mistakes or crimes. Examples may include underage alcohol consumption, vandalism, drug abuse, or getting into fights. According to a study, 25% of serious violent crimes in the US involved a juvenile offender. Despite all your efforts, your teenage child may face a situation when you need urgent legal assistance. In such a scenario, having a trusted lawyer on speed dial can act as a lifesaver.

5) Being involved in a physical or verbal altercation

You may get in a situation that leads to verbal altercations or physical fights. This may happen at your place of work, in malls, on the streets, or in other public areas. Such verbal arguments or fights may end up in a court of law or in police stations. If you face arrest or have been summoned by the police, you need to call a lawyer immediately. Since it’s practically impossible to predict when you may be involved in a physical or verbal altercation, having a good lawyer on speed dial will help ensure you get proper guidance on your rights, what to avoid saying, and how to handle any lawsuits.

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