Backdrops for food photography and product photography can take your image to new heights.

Photographers have it rough when it comes to getting the right shot. Have you ever seen a group of food/influencers at lunch? They’re pulling out all the stops to get the right shot for their Instagram. Mock them as you will, but they are just simply doing their job to the best of their ability with the little that they have.

I’ve been in similar, if not exact situations myself. As someone who writes about and photographs both food and products for a living, I am continually looking for new ways to showcase them so that my feed doesn’t come off as dull and repetitive. I have a very trendy looking cement table in my office that I love to photograph on. However, it’s getting to the point where I feel like that particular backdrop has been featured on my Instagram a bit too often. Which brings me to this post and why I thought I’d share the backdrops for food and product photography I’ve sourced. Below you will find four backdrops that work great for either food or product photoshoots.

Selens Concrete Texture Background Paper for Flat Lay Photography

From concrete to wood, Selens has a wide variety of backdrops perfect for your next photoshoot.

Backdrops for food photography and product photography

Allenjoy Double-Sided Marble Backgrounds

Allenjoy, in my opinion, has some of the best marble backdrops for sale that won’t break the bank. Your photos will look as though you have endless marble kitchen counters to shoot on. Lucky you!

Marble backdrops for photography

Muzi Seamless Wood Food Photography Backdrops

Photographing food and small items on wood adds a tremendous amount of texture to a photo. I’m planning on buying a few wood backdrops from Muzi for my next recipe photoshoot.

Muzi food photography backgrounds

Evanto Darkness Background Kit for Food Photography and Video

These flat lay backdrops from Evanto are perfect for food and product photography. They’ve labeled them as 2-in-1, as both sides feature a textured print. For example, Marble & Concrete, Cement & Wood, and Marble & Wood, to name a few.

Envanto food photography backdrops