Game of Thrones Frankenheimer

Recently Google honored graphic designer and Academy Award winning filmmaker, Saul Bass. He was able to turn simple ideas into great designs and later, using a universal language of imagery, a message.

Fernando Reza, a graphic designer from Los Angeles, took a shot at the iconic style of Bass and transformed it into something more modern. Reza chose Game of Thrones as the subject for his work, trying to create an image that Bass might have designed himself. Each poster commemorates one of Saul Bass’ frequent collaborators; Otto Preminger, Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock, and John Frankenheimer.

Each print in the set is 18” x 24”, printed on archival matte paper, signed and numbered out of 35. They’re pretty awesome.

Buy now: $40+ USD

Game of Thrones Hitchcock

Game of Thrones Otto

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Game of Thrones Stanley Kubrick