The realism coming from Queen Studios’ life-size models is second to none. Not even the experts at Madame Tussauds can touch their Marvel busts.

Recently, I featured their Life-Sized Iron Spider-Man and was in complete awe of its details, then I saw their latest drop. Check-out their life-size Loki bust with a freaky realistic looking Tom Hiddleston face.

Close-up of Life-Size Loki Bust Life-Size Loki Bust

Loki Head Sculpt

For this limited edition Loki bust, the Queen Studios team has used state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge 3D sculpting techniques to capture Tom Hiddleston’s likeness with stunning accuracy. The hyper-realism of the bust is achieved using top-grade silicone to create a skin-like look and feel. While his piercing blue eyes are custom made using only the highest quality glass. Finally, each hair is carefully implanted one strand at a time before being cut and styled to recreate the God of Mischief.

Loki Body and Base

No Loki collectible would be complete without his iconic outfit. Queen Studios’ artists have finely tailored his clothing with remarkable attention to detail. His royal green cape hangs majestically from his well-worn golden armor, as the bust sits on a golden Asgardian-inspired base. To add the finishing touches, Loki’s golden-horned helmet fits perfectly on his head making this life-size bust a must-have for Marvel and Loki fans alike.

Loki Bust dimensions

You can now pre-order the life-size Loki bust form Queen Studios here.