Getting The Most Money Out Of A Car Accident

A car accident can be overwhelming and the first thing coming to an injured victim’s mind is getting the maximum possible compensation to cover the financial and emotional stress. After an injury, an injured person has to pay not just for the medical expenses, but they also need money to cover many small costs associated with healing from serious injuries such as travel for medical treatments, loss of income, emotional stress and anxiety.

While some aspects of the compensation money can be out of your control, there are many actions which can directly affect the amount of money you will receive. This blog discusses a few ways to recover the maximum possible compensation amount.

1. Contact The Police

Following a car accident that involves another party, it is important to report it to the police, who then record the important details about the accident. Accident reports can also help to establish the fault and determine the liable party. Remain neutral while giving your statements to the police- neither accept the guilt nor blame the other party.

2. Consult A Lawyer Asap

Many car accident victims think that they can handle the accident claims on their own. However, that’s not the case and you should contact a lawyer to evaluate your claim even if the injury was minor. In case of major injuries, the total cost of medical expenditure and loss of income might exceed the personal injury insurance cover. In such cases, a claim can be filed against the party or organization that caused the accident. A lawyer can help to get the estimate of the claim value.

Moreover, in some cases, there can be more than one liable party. If there is any doubt as to who caused the accident, a lawyer can help to find the party responsible, by gathering evidence and establishing fault. The evidence can prove which driver caused the crash, even if police incorrectly stated you to be at-fault party. It’s advised to seek out the help of a local personal injury lawyer who has helped car accident clients in the past receive fair settlement amounts.

3. Collect As Much Information As Possible On The Spot.

The ability to prove liability is the basis for a successful personal injury claim. It is fair enough to understand that the other party’s insurers will try to undermine your claim. They will do that by proving you to be partially or completely at-fault. To avoid this scenario, collect the following evidence at the crime scene:

  • Take your smartphone and start to record/make notes of everything while it’s all fresh.
  • If possible, photograph all vehicles involved in the incident before they are moved to another place. Take photos of the damaged car. It’s also helpful if you take a picture of the license plate of the other vehicle.
  • Take several photos of the accident scene – the street and surroundings. Include photos of the bad road conditions, weather, or other factors that may have caused the crash.

4. Contact Your Car Insurance Company

A car accident can be a scary event and it is common for the accident victims to experience strong emotional reactions afterwards. You might not be in a state to contact the insurance companies immediately. However, contacting your insurer should be amongst the first steps to follow after an accident. The ideal time to notify your insurer of an accident is after filing a report with the police, gathering all evidence, and consulting a doctor. It is also important to take quick action when reporting personal injury from a vehicle crash. Moreover, ensure that you never admit your fault to the insurers until the police report says so.

5. Preparation For Negotiation

If your accident was major and resulted in severe injuries and exorbitant medical expenses, the insurance company of the driver or the liable party, may delay the proceedings of the claim. You should be patient and understand that the negotiation process might take some time. Prepare yourself for the negotiation process which involves the repeated discussions between the insurance company and your attorney.

It is advised to handle your money wisely. Additionally, fetch letters of protection from health care providers if necessary and take your time to negotiate a worthy settlement amount.


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