The Jaguar XKSS is Being Reborn

The Jaguar D-Type was in the vanguard of race cars for its time. After three successive Le Mans wins, Jaguar decided to convert 16 leftover models into XKSS spec, with more in the works. The transformation wasn’t substantial. A windshield and passenger door was added, and the cabin partition and fin behind the driver were removed.

Unfortunately, when tragedy struck and a fire destroyed nine of the cars, the company abandoned the XKSS transition and moved onto other projects. Thankfully, the XKSS is being reborn.

Jaguar saw major success in the continuation of the E-Type lightweights built by their Jaguar Classic division. This special operations team will finish the XKSS run by hand-crafting the nine “lost” cars from the fire for a select group of customers and collectors. Similar to how the E-Type sparked a high price, the luxury car brand expects the nine cars to reach a price over $1.5 million each.

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