A Closer Look at the Tesla Model 3 Interior

There have been mixed reviews since the first thirty Model 3 sedans have been delivered. One of the biggest complaints is the lack of bells and whistles the affordable $35,000 electric sedan has to offer at its base pricing. You want a different color other than black? That’ll cost you $1000. How about autopilot (duh, of course you do)? Well, that will be an additional $5,000.

It’s safe to say the Model 3 will cost you upwards of $42k or so, because no-one will want the entry level model. All of that being said, the Model 3’s interior (or lack thereof) is sleek, and represents a lot of what we saw back in its original prototype.

In my opinion, I’ve always felt that car dashboards should be cleaner and less distracting, which is exactly what Model 3 delivers. All that you will find is a large, single fifteen-inch touchscreen mounted front and center. See some new photos of the Tesla Model 3 interior below:

Interior of the new Tesla Model 3 Interior of the new Tesla Model 3 Interior of the new Tesla Model 3

If I’m being honest, I don’t think anyone that put their $1,000 down to reserve the Model 3 will be happy knowing they are going to have to shell out $20k+ more money for what they truly want. I hope for the sake of Tesla’s future (and my stock), they find a way to make their customers happy.

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