Star Wars Bookends

There really isn’t much to say about these bad boys except how cool they are. This is the ultimate Star Wars fan collectors item. What better way to keep all of your Princess Leia books together than between the Star Wars logo cut in two?

Cute animal throw pillows

Designer Ross Menuez has create some really awesome throw pillows. Each one is made from organic cotton and displays an animal print.

Cristian Zuzunaga’s Pixel Furniture

London-based Spanish designer, Cristian Zuzunaga is working on some amazing pixel furniture. He started working on these designs 2 years ago and now they’re coming to fruition.

Keith’s Console wall table

This 3-legged table was designed by Richard Shed. It’s called Keith’s Console. I’m absolutely in love with it but after scouring the inter-webs for awhile I couldn’t find a place to buy it. Probably because it was created in 2002 and released to public in 2003.

Sexy bathroom inspiration

We all spend an amazing amount of time in a bathroom, whether we like to admit it or not. Why not make it a comfortable stay while doing your deed or getting cleaned up?

Large calendar by You and Me the Royal We

Wall calendars can be extremely useful but extremely ugly at the same time. Thankfully for You and Me the Royal We, this is no longer an issue. They created a massive calendar that looks perfect on any type of wall.