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A Haunted House 2

A Haunted House 2 Official Trailer

"It'll scare the #2 out of you." Now that's a tagline. The first official trailer for A Haunted House 2 is here and it looks hilarious. Marlon Wayans is back as Malcolm...
House of Cards Season 2 Poster

House of Cards Season 2 – Official Trailer

On February 14th your calendar should read, "House of Cards Season 2 binge, bring help!". That's right boys and girls, the Netflix Original Series is back and better than ever.
VENQUE 'Flatsquare' Backpack

VENQUE – Fine Bags Made with Innovative Fabrics

VENQUE is a Toronto based company established in 2011 with the goal to create bags that look good and most-of-all last. By partnering up with one of the best fabric and bag factories, they were able to educate themselves on the craft of making quality bags out of raw materials.
LeBron James At Work

LeBron James at Work

"More than anything, it's mental." This 15-second short shows a sample of how LeBron James prepares for another winning season.