We’re now just a mere three weeks (and change) away from the Stranger Things Season 2 release date. Despite already having waited nearly a year for the hit show to make its return, I think the kind of anticipation that comes with something finally being so close might be the worst. The good news is Netflix has released a Stranger Things game for your smartphone that you can bide your time with. Whether they did it in an attempt to offer some kind of relief for those of us struggling, or they’re trying to build anticipation for the show is a little unclear. Personally, my vote is on the former, as I’m pretty sure just about everyone everywhere already has their calendars marked for October 27th. Either way, I’m not complaining.

In the true nostalgic fashion of the show, the game is designed to be reminiscent of those 8-bit games we all know and love from our childhood—or at least from the childhoods of Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will (if you happen to be a youngin’ and can’t relate). You’ll get to play as Hopper and the kids, solving puzzles with “the unique abilities of each character.” Locations include places like Mirkwood Forest, Hawkins Lab, and areas we haven’t been introduced to before. And, of course, there will be Eggos.

Stranger Things the game is available for both Android and iOS, free from your app store.