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Twin Peaks 8-Bit Style

Twin Peaks Intro, 8-Bit Style

A Portland couple, known as the Filthy Frackers, has created an awesome 8-bit version of the title sequence to the iconic 90’s television series Twin Peaks.


‘Call Me Maybe’ Gets Chiptuned

You know that damn song that keeps getting remixed over and over? Well finally there’s a version of ‘Call Me Maybe’ by the sexy Carly Rae Jepsen I can enjoy. Her song gets the 8-bit (Chiptune) treatment by R-Sunset and it’s dope.

8 bit Invader projection mapping

Pavel Novák created one of the coolest 3D map projections I’ve ever seen. Paying tribute to the games he grew up with, Pavel projects Mario, Invaders, Pac-Man, and more onto a building.

Coca-Cola Space Invader Edition

Talented young designer Erin McGuire believes in retro Coke cans. She designed the popular soft drink to have Space Invaders all over it’s can. See the cans after the jump…

Mega Man Wall Decals

Will the true gaming geek, please stand up? This stellar Mega Man decal set is made with bilk Re-Stik™, making it movable and reusable. They’re based off of the same 8-bit graphics from the original Capcom arcade game.