If there is one thing we can all take away from this pandemic, it’s how creative we’ve all become. I myself have had to find new ways to make money during this “slow season” as I call it, because I refuse to fall victim to this dang virus.

The Applestone Meat Co 24/7 Meat Vending Machines

The Applestone Meat Company, a popular butchery in New York’s Hudson Valley, is no different. With foot traffic slowed down they had to get creative, so they took matters and social distancing into their own hands and developed Westchester County’s first meat vending machine. Heck, this might be the first meat vending machine I’ve ever heard of, so let’s just give them the crown as being the first-ever.

The Eastchester machines are stocked daily with raw meats like steaks and chops, as well as hot dogs and more. Pretty much anything you could want from your local butcher. It’s especially great for those who are working all day and have little time to run to the grocery store or are trying to avoid additional time around others during this time.