Brought to you by Tecate Light

The iconic Tecate Light Black Eagle is particularly known for being able to spot the bold flavor of Tecate Light, but he also hunts for passion and adventure. Do you have what it takes to turn any old get-together into a smashing success? A good party is loud and buzzing with just-the-right-crowd, it’s fun and lively with the perfect playlist, and the drinks – they’re bold and full of flavor. From good friends to great beverages, we’re spilling the secrets to throwing a party you (and your guests!) will never forget. Ready? Let the good times roll!

Good Friends

The one thing that can make or break a party? The guest list. Think about the crew you’d like to hang with – the right kind of people can take a party from so-so to standout in the blink of an eye. Don’t worry about every single person knowing each other, either – one of the best things about hosting a party is introducing your various friends to one another. The best parties are those that are filled with different people with different backgrounds, careers, and interests.

Killer Tunes

No party is complete without the perfect playlist. The best bet is to play music from different genres and different generations – your guests may like different things, so play tunes that everyone can identify with. As the party starts, music can be a little softer than usual – this is a time for guests to get into party-mode and prepare for what’s to come in the later part of the evening. Once your crowd is warmed up, opt for beats that’ll get everyone on the dance floor. And, once everyone’s in party-mode, turn it up and play hits your crew knows and loves. The most important part is to keep the music alive all night long. Tip: make sure playlists are long enough to take you through the night, and don’t even think about putting that “Top 25 Most Played” mix on repeat.

Great Beverages

What’s a party without great drinks? The easiest way to keep your friends (and yourself) happy is to serve up something they all know and love. Tecate Light is not only bold and full of flavor, but its citrus undertone is easy on the palette. Simply fill up a large cooler or some metal buckets with ice, and you’ve got drinks that’ll stay cold all night long.

To celebrate summer, Tecate has filmed an extraordinarily epic night for your viewing pleasure. Three friends. One Fight. Beautiful women and The Black Eagle. Watch now.

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