The craft beer industry is bigger than ever and Orange Vessel Co. is creating killer products to go along with it. Their 64 oz. (32 oz. coming in Fall of 2015) Growlers are hand poured in Ohio and come in a variety of colors and finishes. Knowing that there are many other growlers out there to choose from, Orange Vessel Co. worked diligently to create one that not only looked good, but was ergonomic as well.

3D model of Orange Vessel Co.'s Growler
3D model of Orange Vessel Co.’s growler
3D prints of Orange Vessel Co.'s growlers
Orange Vessel Co. used 3D printers to create mock growlers

Through hundreds of tests and 3D printed mocks, they settled on the beautiful, elegant design you see below.

Finished Orange Vessel Co. Growlers

Close-up of Orange Vessel Co. Growler Top

Orange Vessel Co. Growlers

I should also note that Orange Vessel Co. is actively tweaking their already stellar growlers to please consumers feedback. One patron said, “It would be much easier to close the growler if the topper was a duck.” Taking the feedback to heart, they immediately adjusted their production process to include a rubber coating for the topper handles. This not only prevents potential chipping and making the action of closing the top easier, it shows the brand is listening to their customers and eager to improve their products.

Grab yourself one of these growlers by visiting their website –