Bud Light looked to their fans to help choose which of their ads would run during Super Bowl Sunday, and the fans answered. The two Super Bowl ads featured a look inside Post Malone’s brain as he tries Bud Light Seltzer for the first time. Though it was a tight race, #PostyStore triumphed over #PostyBar by .4% votes.

Watch the two Bud Light Setlzer ads below and see which one is your favorite.

Winner – #PostyStore – Inside Post’s Brain

#PostyBar – Inside Post’s Brain

I love this collaboration because of how authentic it is. If you follow Post Malone’s career even a little bit, you know his affinity for Bud Light. It seems only natural he would get paid to be in one of their commercials. I would compare it to how Frank Sinatra was such a great ambassador for Jack Daniels.