Bud Light Seltzer’s Super Bowl Ad Goes Into Post Malone’s Brain

Bud Light looked to their fans to help choose which of their ads would run during Super Bowl Sunday, and the fans answered. The two Super Bowl ads featured a look inside Post Malone’s brain as he tries Bud Light Seltzer for the first time. Though it was a tight race, #PostyStore triumphed over #PostyBar by .4% votes.

Watch the two Bud Light Setlzer ads below and see which one is your favorite.

Winner – #PostyStore – Inside Post’s Brain

#PostyBar – Inside Post’s Brain

I love this collaboration because of how authentic it is. If you follow Post Malone’s career even a little bit, you know his affinity for Bud Light. It seems only natural he would get paid to be in one of their commercials. I would compare it to how Frank Sinatra was such a great ambassador for Jack Daniels.

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