Calidad Beer

If you have cruised around Los Angeles in the last few months you may have spotted Calidad Beer murals grace street corners throughout the city. The new Mexican-style lager comes from Josh Zad, a beverage entrepreneur best known for his Alfred Coffee and Tea locations.

When I lived in Brentwood a few years back, I loved visiting Zad’s Alfred location there. My wife and I would frequent the coffee shop on the weekends during our usual morning stroll through the neighborhood. The quality of coffee, chic decor, and delicious pastries was always a major selling point. It’s clear why the branding for Calidad Beer is so well established.

Enjoy Calidad Beer poolside this summer

Zad has set out to create memorable consumer experiences that will go further than the product alone. Already we have the murals around LA, their artistically curated Instagram account (@Calidad), a Spanish style house used as the brand’s headquarters, and their millennial-centric shop.

I’m excited to try Calidad Beer myself this month. Currently, it’s distributed in over 100 local bars, restaurants, and stores in California, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find.

Head over to to learn more and visit their online store.