It’s finally starting to feel like Spring here in Los Angeles and that can only mean one thing — refreshing cocktail recipes! Chef Hugh Acheson has crafted the perfect beverage to enjoy outside in the sun using Captain Morgan White Rum, the latest in the Captain’s arsenal of delicious rums. The drink is titled Mint Mutiny for its use of both muddled and torn up mint leaves. You can find all the ingredients you need to create your very own Mint Mutiny cocktail below:

Captain Morgan White Rum: Mint Mutiny CocktailMint Mutiny Recipe


Crushed ice
1 teaspoon fresh mint, torn into pieces
1½ ounces Captain Morgan White Rum
½ ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice
½ ounce Rose Water-infused Simple Syrup
Club Soda
Fresh mint, muddled
1 cucumber spear


Fill a julep glass with crushed ice. Add the Captain Morgan White Rum, lemon juice, Rose Simple Syrup, and then fill with club soda until the glass is almost full.  Top the glass with a mound of more crushed ice and garnish with a cucumber spear and mint sprig.

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