If there is one thing I love it’s going to brunch with friends. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a few cocktails with your buds while gorging on delicious foods between breakfast and lunch. I would definitely brunch more often if it weren’t for the number of calories I consume in one sitting. Which is why I was excited to hear about the Art of Brunch, and how Belvedere Vodka is working with chef and wellness guru, Candice Kumai on creating memorable at-home brunch experiences using her fresh ingredients paired with Belvedere’s cocktails.

Art of Brunch Pairings

THE BELVEDERE POLSKA MARY, a refreshing take on the classic Bloody Mary, draws influence from traditional Polish Beetroot soup. A savory mix of Belvedere Vodka, tomato juice, beetroot and spices, paired with Candice’s Miso Avocado Toast.

THE BELVEDERE RUBIN, a crisp and fruity combination of Belvedere Vodka, grapefruit & orange juices, a hint of green tea, vermouth and tonic water creates a light and refreshing summer drink, paired with Candice’s Sundried Tomato and Mushroom Frittata.

THE BELVEDERE BRUNCH BLISS, a delightful combination of sweet and tart flavors featuring Belvedere Vodka, fresh lime juice, honey, a dash of bitters, and finished with a kombucha float, paired with Candice’s Toasted Almond Sticky Buns.

THE BELVEDERE SPICE OF LIFE, a savory cocktail to pair with a sweet brunch dish, is made with Belvedere Vodka, fresh squeezed carrot and lemon juice, ginger syrup, a touch of miso powder, and garnished with a dash of chilli flakes, paired with Candice’s Sweet Potato Pancakes.

THE BELVEDERE POMME HIGHBALL, a light and refreshing Belvedere Vodka highball cocktail, with undertones of fresh citrus and apples, paired with Candice’s Fresh Peach Ginger Cobbler

Head on over to the Art of Brunch at Belvedere‘s website to learn more about the recipes and Chef Kumai.

More about Candice Kumai

Candice Kumai is an internationally-renowned wellness writer, chef & content creator, described by ELLE magazine as “The Golden Girl of the Wellness World.” Candice sits on The Well+Good Council and was recently named one of Arianna Huffington’s “Top 20 New Role Models in 2017.” Born and raised in California to a Japanese mother and a Polish-American father, in Carlsbad CA, Candice grew up in a mixed culture home – celebrating Japanese traditions & cuisine from a young age and honing a cosmopolitan perspective that continues to inspire her work today. Candice is a classically trained chef, former line cook, former tv host, former-model-turned wellness journalist, & five-time, best-selling
author of Clean Green Eats, Clean Green Drinks, Delicious, Cook Yourself Sexy, and Cook Yourself Thin.