For St. Patrick’s Day this year, Guinness is aiming to do more than just be our go-to beer. Despite always loving everything about this holiday, I don’t know if I fully realized just how much it brought people together until I moved to Chicago. Granted, this was the first city I’d lived in, and it’s not unusual for things like this to be grander in metropolitan areas—but I still remember being surprised. It seemed like everyone, not just in the city, but in the surrounding areas as well, came out to watch the parade and see the river dyed green. Of course this wasn’t the only time you could experience something like this, but it’s always nice to witness that kind of sense of community; St. Patrick’s Day was one you could count on every year.

Sorry, I’ll stop gushing and get to the point.

Guinness St. Patrick's Day Charity

This year, in keeping with the theme of community and coming together that goes with this Irish holiday—and recognizing that it’s definitely something we could use right now—Guinness is doing something pretty great. Here’s the idea: You know how when you take that first sip of tasty Guinness beer, it leaves that beautiful foamy line above your upper lip? A Guinness ‘Stache, if you will? Well, they’ve decided to use that moment for good. That is, other than the joy it brings to your friends’ faces to see you look a little ridiculous (but still totally awesome) for a moment. Simply take a picture of you with your moustache masterpiece, and post it to social with the hashtag #StacheForCharity and tag it @GuinnessUS. For each photo, Guinness will donate $1* to the Guinness Gives Back Fund, which supports nonprofits that contribute to the common good in your communities. Rather use your own wonderful whiskers, or maybe one you had to draw on when you lost that bet? No worries. Guinness will accept any kind of mustache. The idea here is to come together and help your community. And all it takes is a simple picture!

So be sure to post your photos. You have from now to March 19th, 2017. We’re not gonna lie, we might be almost as excited to see your pictures as we are about the good that it’s going to do ;)

*Up to $100,000 total