Dragon Fire Wings from Buffalo Wild Wings

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, chances are you’re gearing up for this coming Sunday. It is the premiere of the final season of GOT after all, and there’s a whole lot to look forward to. As you coordinate where you plan on watching the first episode, I’m sure food and drink have come under question. What will do this monumental occasion justice? Perhaps some White Walker scotch maybe? That’s a good start, but I’m looking at something more limited and filled with fire. How about the Mother of All hot sauces?

For a very limited time, as in just this Sunday (4/14), Buffalo Wild Wings is releasing a one-day-only wing sauce: Dragon Fire. Dragon Fire will certainly live up to its name, mixing chili and ghost peppers with soy and ginger sauce. The spicy wings are then topped with a jalapeño garnish to really give you the heat of a roaring dragon.

House B-Dubs

For those fans looking to glue themselves to their couch like myself can also have the sauce delivered exclusively through DoorDash.