I’m all for ease when it comes to winding down at the end of the day and enjoying an adult beverage or two. Though I like crafting cocktails and making them from scratch, it’s nice to open the fridge and have one waiting for you.

The trend of Ready to Drink (RTD) cocktails has taken over the spirits world over the last few years. One of my all-time favorite RTD brands has to be DRNXMTH for various reasons.

DRNXMTH ready to drink cocktails

You get two cocktails in one bottle and a truly fresh experience. DRNXMTH’s patented twist-to-mix cocktail bottle allows for fresh, cold-pressed ingredients to be separate from top-shelf spirits. This way, artificial ingredients aren’t required to keep the cocktail “fresh.” Once ready to serve the cocktail, you twist the bottle to combine the ingredients and shake. It’s that easy!

Best of all, DRNXMTH partners with world-renowned mixologists and spirit brands to collaborate on their cocktails.

I recommend trying DRNXMTH by purchasing one of their bundles so you can sample the various fresh cocktails they offer.