In 2015, the Cameron brothers, Pete and Danny, unveiled a gem in the world of spirits – the Dyfi Micro-Distillery. Situated within Wales’ only UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, this distillery is not just a place but an experience, deeply intertwined with the wild beauty of the Dyfi Valley.

A Foraging Adventure

The distillery stands out for its unique approach to sourcing ingredients. For over 10 months each year, Pete and Danny engage in a labor of love, hand-foraging botanicals from the surrounding landscapes. This meticulous process captures the essence of wildflower meadows, the fresh breeze of the estuary, and the earthy richness of the Dyfi Forest. These ingredients are carefully cryo-vacuumed, ensuring their freshness and vibrancy are infused into every bottle of Dyfi Gin.

A Symphony of Flavors

What sets Dyfi Gin apart is its enchanting flavor profile, a deliberate and progressive blend that speaks to the soul of its origin. The gin is crafted from 28 native plant species, including a harmonious mix of wildflowers, herbs, and berries. This composition creates a taste that is reminiscent of grassy summer meadows and delicate floral notes, transporting the drinker to the serene landscapes of Wales.

Accolades and Recognition

Dyfi Gin has not only captivated gin enthusiasts but has also gained significant acclaim in the spirits world. It is the only UK distillery to have won the Great British Food Awards Best Gin trophy twice. Moreover, it has been rated 91 by Wine Enthusiast and Ultimate Spirits Challenge in 2023 and 2021, respectively, and has also won the GOLD award for Best Welsh Contemporary Gin at the World Gin Awards 2021​​​​​​.

Dyfi Gin: A Journey in Every Sip

Each sip of Dyfi Gin is more than just a taste; it’s a journey through the untamed beauty of Wales. With its whimsical and progressive flavors, Dyfi Gin invites you to daydream about the life and landscapes of the Dyfi Valley, offering a unique experience that goes beyond the palate and into the heart of Welsh nature.