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The Shift Cocktail Book by Gray Whale Gin
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‘The Shift’ Cocktail Book by Gray Whale Gin

Gray Whale Gin is introducing a one-of-a-kind tribute to the creativity and dedication of bartenders across the nation with the release of "The Shift Cocktail Book."
Top Seagram's Gin Cocktail Recipes
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That Special Time When the Work Day Ends

There's a time at the end of each work day, usually between 4-6pm, where I make myself a cocktail and unwind. No emails, no phone calls, no worries. I consider it my "special time," while others simply know it as happy hour.
Boodles British Gin
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Boodles Gin

First distilled in 1845, Boodles is a British gin that has recently reemerged in 2013. Named after the prestigious gentleman's club in London, The Boodles Club, it was the favorite of club member Sir Winston Churchill.