George Dickel and Social Hour Releases Ready-to-Drink Whiskey Sour

Ready-to-drink cocktails are all the rage these days, especially after the mega-success hard seltzers have had over the last few years. The latest brand to dip their toes into an RTD product is George Dickel, with their recent collaboration with Social Hour Cocktails. Meet the Harvest Whiskey Sour, made using 13-year-old George Dickel Tennessee Whisky from distilling season Spring 2007.

Social Hour Cocktail x George Dickel Whiskey Sour

Just in time, too, because I’m always on the hunt for premium cocktails I can bring around to friends and family during the holidays.

The new Harvest Whiskey Sour features a combination of honeycrisp apple, Meyer lemon, cinnamon, maple, and a touch of cardamom. Social Hour recommends you pour over ice and garnish with apple slices and cinnamon sticks before enjoying your first sip.

“As the prepared cocktail market continues to reach new heights, we couldn’t be more excited to officially collaborate with Tom and the team over at Social Hour to release something that’s a first for us. For the perfect whisky sour, you need a bold, complex whisky that’s able to stand out among all of the other flavors. The whisky we chose for this pairing has been aged 13 years so it’s bringing a level of maturity people typically don’t see in prepared cocktail offerings. On top of that, the liquid really is accented by the hints of apple, cinnamon and cardamom that come through.”

– Nicole Austin, General Manager and Distiller at Cascade Hollow Distilling Co.

Social Hour Cocktail x George Dickel Whiskey Sour

The Harvest Whiskey Sour will be available for purchase at retail locations in New York. Those outside of New York, like myself, can purchase the offering online on the Social Hour website. This limited-time offering has a suggested retail price of $28 for a 4-pack. At 250 mL, the Harvest Whiskey Sour includes three servings per can.

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