I am always excited to see how cruise lines innovate to enhance their guest experiences. Holland America Line‘s latest venture into the world of beverages is particularly thrilling. They have introduced a new, destination-inspired beverage program featuring regionally crafted cocktails by renowned mixologists. This new program promises to elevate the cruising experience by offering drinks that reflect the culture and scenery of each destination. Here’s a deep dive into this exciting new offering.

Alaska Cruises: A Taste of the Last Frontier

Sam Ross mixologist crafting cocktails for Holland America Line
Sam Ross

When I think of Alaska, I imagine majestic landscapes, rich culture, and now, thanks to Holland America Line, innovative cocktails. The cruise line has partnered with the celebrated bartender Sam Ross to create drinks that capture the essence of Alaska. Ross, known for his award-winning bar Attaboy and his modern classic cocktails, brings a unique twist to the onboard beverage menu.

The Juneau, AK cocktail, with its blend of locally sourced Juneaper Gin, Fino sherry, Yellow Chartreuse, and Orange Bitters, is a delightful nod to Alaska’s pioneering spirit. Another standout is the PNW Penicillin, a contemporary adaptation of Ross’s famous Penicillin cocktail, featuring Westland Flagship Single Malt and a float of Westland Peated Single Barrel Select, exclusive to Holland America Line.

Other intriguing options include:

  • Klondiker: Sazerac Rye, Laird’s Apple Brandy, allspice, fresh lime, and Angostura chocolate bitters.
  • Mosquito: Del Maguey Vida mezcal, Campari, fresh lemon, and ginger.
  • Midnight Sun: Hennessy VS, Fernet Branca, and Crème de Menthe.
  • Frontier Champagne Flip: Angel’s Envy bourbon, honey, vanilla, cream, egg, and Champagne.

European Cruises: A Sip of Continental Elegance

Tess Posthumus
Tess Posthumus

Europe’s rich cocktail history comes alive on Holland America Line’s European sailings, thanks to the collaboration with award-winning bartender Tess Posthumus. Posthumus, a bar owner and mixology expert, has curated a menu that pays homage to European excellence and Dutch heritage.

One of my favorites is the Dutch Courage Martini, crafted with olive oil fat-washed De Lijn Gin, dry vermouth, and St-Germain. It’s a sophisticated drink that embodies the spirit of European mixology. Another standout is the Rotterdam Runner, featuring raisin-infused Mount Gay Eclipse Rum, fresh lemon, Galliano, vanilla, and egg white, offering a unique and refreshing flavor profile.

Other must-try cocktails include:

  • Copenhagen Dram: Johnnie Walker Black, Carpano Antica Vermouth, Aquavit, and Benedictine.
  • Amsterdam Ambrosia: Bols Olde Jenever, lemon, Galliano, Crème de Cacao, and sea salt.
  • Orange Elixir: Patron Reposado, lemon juice, spiced orange syrup, Campari, and Double Dutch Double Orange Tonic.

Expanding Horizons: South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean

The excitement doesn’t stop with Alaska and Europe. Holland America Line has also partnered with Ivy Mix and David Wondrich for their South America, Mexico, and Caribbean sailings. These collaborations promise to bring even more unique and regionally inspired cocktails to guests, ensuring that every voyage is a journey of taste and discovery.

Holland America Line’s new destination-inspired beverage program is a fantastic addition to their already impressive offerings. Whether you’re sailing through the rugged beauty of Alaska or the cultural richness of Europe, these expertly crafted cocktails will enhance your cruising experience. I can’t wait to try these innovative drinks on my next Holland America Line cruise and explore the world one sip at a time. Cheers to new adventures and unforgettable flavors!