There’s nothing I love more than sushi. And if you’re a beer fan, well, there’s nothing better than a ice cold Sapporo to pair with your sashimi.

For this year’s International Sushi Day (June 18), I plan on celebrating with lots of sushi, good friends and a few cold ones. Sapporo Premium beer is the yin to sushi’s yang. So much so, I find it difficult to enjoy my sushi without at least one.

Sapporo Premium Beer

3 Ways to Celebrate International Sushi Day

Now that we have our favorite beer to pair with sushi, let’s talk about how I plan on enjoying it with friends.

1. Make it at home

Despite what most might think, making sushi at home can be quite easy, but more importantly, it’s fun! I recommend you grab your sushi loving friends, Sapporo Premium brews, and get rolling. Here’s a great intro video for those looking to make sushi at home:

2. Grab and go!

I’m a fan of spending time outside, whether it be going on a hike, playing a round of golf, or having a picnic with friends. The latter is a perfect opportunity for some sushi takeaway. Perhaps you made some sushi at home through the suggestion above or you grabbed some to go from your favorite sushi restaurant. Whatever the case, I highly recommend you enjoy some of your favorites somewhere unique this International Sushi Day.

Grab and go sushi box

3. In a sushi restaurant

I left dining in a sushi restaurant last, not because I don’t like to, but because I prefer the other options on a special day like International Sushi Day. However, I will say this, when you do dine in a sushi restaurant I highly recommend you sitting at the sushi bar so you can see the sushi chefs doing their magic. Also, I should mention that a benefit of dining in a sushi restaurant is the likelihood of them having a hearty supply Sapporo Premium beer available. It would be a shame if you ran out, no?

Sushi chef rolling a spicy tuna roll

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