I just returned home from my first Spring Training in Arizona, while there I had the pleasure of seeing the 2016 champs (Cubs) take on the Dodgers. It was a great day with my fianceé, eating hot dogs and drinking beer. However, what would have made it the perfect day was trying Goose Island‘s new collaborative beer, the 1060 Wit.


1060 Wit Logo

Named after Wrigley Field’s street (1060 W. Addison Street), the 1060 Wit is a unique draft featuring notes of orange peel and coriander that fans can enjoy at the park this summer. The beer will be exclusively available first only at Wrigley Field and Goose Island properties.

“1060 Wit is a beer Goose Islandcreated to celebrate Wrigley Field — one of baseball’s most iconic ballparks. Fans will notice the beer gets its name from the ballpark’s address, something I committed to memory at an early age when I visited Wrigley Field with my father and grandfather. The beer is inspired by traditional Belgian Wits, using a lot of unmalted wheat along with orange peel and coriander. It’s lightly fruity and a touch spicy with low bitterness that is a natural fit for the ballpark and refreshing on hot Chicago days.”

– Goose Island Brewery R&D Manager Mike Siegel