After 84 years in operation, Krispy Kreme has finally caved and allowed another brand to grace their famed donuts. This first-ever collaboration is with Oreo and features two Oreo donuts:

  • “Oreo Cookie Glazed Donut”- a “Cookies and KREME” filling and a rich Oreo cookie glaze, topped with a generous drizzle of icing and Oreo cookie bits.
  • “Oreo Cookie Over-The-Top Donut”- all the same ingredients as the “Oreo Cookie Glazed Donut,” but with the addition of an Oreo cookie wafer on top.

“We’ve taken everything fans love about Oreo Cookies and ‘glazeifed’ it.” Besides the donuts, Krispy Kreme is also offering an Oreo Mocha Chiller: “a frozen espresso-based beverage blended with Oreo cookie pieces and topped with whipped cream and Oreo cookie crumbs.”

– Dave Skena, Krispy Kreme Chief Marketing Officer

Krispy Kreme and Oreo’s new donuts will be available from now until April 18 at Krispy Kreme locations. Get them while supplies last!