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The OREO Wonder Vault Resurfaces In LA To Reveal OREO Choco Chip Flavored Cookies

OREO Wonder Vault Pops Up in Los Angeles

Starting today, OREO has opened their Wonder Vault doors to public in Los Angeles at 1555 W. Sunset Blvd. From 9am-7pm PDT, fans of the cookie will be able to experience firsthand their newest flavor: Choco Chip Flavored OREO cookies.

Oreo Cookie Bark Recipe

You have to try this Oreo Cookie Bark recipe I found from ChasingTomatoes. A delicious, easy recipe for my sweet tooth followers. It doesn’t take much to get started and looks amazing when finished.

Individual Peanut Butter Pies Recipe

I chose this recipe solely on the story of it. Jennie from InJenniesKitchen recently lost her husband due to a heart-attack. He died way too young and left behind his beautiful wife and kids. Read more after the jump…