Newcastle Introduces Two New Beers for 2015 Variety Packs

The Newcastle Best of Britain Variety Pack is a 12-pack featuring two new British beers: British Pale Ale and British Session IPA.

“This variety pack lets beer aficionados travel the world without having to renew their passports,” says Priscilla Flores Dohnert, brand director for Newcastle Brown Ale. “While we can’t afford plane tickets to the UK for all of our fans, our brand-new Collaboration Edition beers will bring the best of British beer to everyone.”

The Newcastle British Session IPA was crafted off the original British export recipe. It’s 5.1 percent ABV, featuring a mid-strength brew with intricate hop nuances. The Newcastle British Pale Ale is a more modern update of a traditional British beer. It was created by dry-hopping late in the brewing process, giving it a pale gold hue. The ABV is 5.8, and has a hoppy bitterness and citrus finish.

Since April, retailers across the country have begun selling twelve-packs of the Newcastle Best of Britain Variety Pack. Those interested can look for the bold Newcastle Best of Britain Variety Pack logos on the crate-style packaging. Newcastle will be introducing another Collaboration Edition of beers in a second variety pack later this year. So keep an eye out for that.

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