I’ve been a huge fan of Sugar Plum Chocolates ever since I reviewed their nostalgic chocolate bar flavors last year. From their packaging to their delicious flavors, it’s a major hit in my house.

Holiday Treat Tubes from Sugar Plum Chocolates

This holiday season, Sugar Plum Chocolates released Holiday Treat Tubes that feature three different chocolate-covered treats: Pretzels, Sandwich Cookies, and Graham Crackers. Each of the individually wrapped chocolate-covered desserts is complete with white drizzle.

Depending on the size of your stockings, these individual tubes may fit inside, but will likely take up the entire area. You can choose a variety 3 pack or 3 of the same. Though it would be tough to choose just one treat if I were to go with the 3 of the same, I think I would choose the graham cracker option.

Find Sugar Plum Chocolates Holiday Treat Tubes online here.