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Ball Park Flame Grilled Jerky

Ball Park Flame Grilled Jerky is the Perfect Snack

One of the fondest memories I have growing up was going to the grocery store with my mom to pick out treats for the week. It was almost always the same three things: Ball Park Hot Dogs, beef jerky, and some kind of animal shaped fruit snacks. Not much has changed in twenty years.

Lord Nut Levington, Not Your Average Nut Flavors

Lord Nut Levington, Not Your Average Peanut Flavors

Peanuts are a great snack food. Not only do they keep well, they help spruce up dishes, make creamy peanut butter, and will tide you over on a short flight. Lord Nut Levington has taken the snack food to a whole new level with five savory and unexpected flavor blends that will keep you coming back for more.

Guinness-Flavored Potato Chips

Guinness Flavored Potato Chips

Beer-flavored anything is great, but Guinness-Flavored Potato Chips — that’s just awesome. British chip maker Burt’s British Hand Cooked Chips has created not one, but two Guinness-flavored chip varieties: Original and Rich Beef Chili.

Hot Blondies Bakery

If you’ve been looking for something to take care of that sweet tooth, you should try something from Hot Blondies Bakery Treats. You’ll find an assortment of different desserts like whoopies, tarts, blondes…