My long awaited Tokyo Treat review.

As we all dream of the days when we can get out and discover the world again, I have found my escape in subscription boxes. Not the everyday sample boxes featuring mini bottles of cologne and vials of creams, but full-size snack boxes. My favorite, as of late, is the Japanese candy and snack subscription box Tokyo Treat.

The Perfect Gift for Japan Lovers

It’s easy to forget that the products sold where you live vastly different than in other countries. Tokyo Treat has recognizable snack brands you know, just with a Japanese twist. For example, instead of the classic US Doritos Nacho Cheese flavor we all grew up with, Japan has a Doritos Wasabi flavor. Or instead of the traditional chocolate Kit Kat, Japan has a Japanese Kit Kat Salt Lychee flavor. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

TokyoTreat Review

Tokyo Treat Subscription Box Plans

Tokyo Treat is available in two plans: Classic and Premium. You can see what each subscription box features below. If I were you, I would recommend the Premium Plan, the subscription box sent to me for review. It’s only $31.50 per month and comes with quite a bit more.

Premium Plan (Starting at $31.50)

  • Exclusive Streaks membership
  • 17 Full-size items including:
  • 1 Japanese drink (180~500 ml)
  • 1 Party pack
  • 1 Anime snack
  • 5 Popular Japanese snacks
  • 3 Dagashi
  • 1 DIY Japanese candy kit
  • 1 Japanese candy guide book

Classic Plan (Starting at $22.50)

  • Exclusive Streaks membership
  • 12 Full-size items including:
  • 4 Popular Japanese snacks
  • 2 Dagashi
  • 1 DIY Japanese candy kit
  • 1 Japanese candy guide book

Themed Subscription Boxes

New Year Japanese Snack Boxes - TokyoTreat review
Tokyo Treat New Year Box for January subscribers

What I love most about Tokyo Treat boxes, apart from the delicious Japanese snacks, is the themes their team puts together each month. You can scroll through all of Tokyo Treat’s past boxes to see what I mean. The box they sent me for February was Valentine themed box, filled with all the pink and red your heart could desire. I especially loved the Kit Kat flavor in this box.

Who is Tokyo Treat For?

In short, Tokyo Treat is for everyone. If they had an elevator pitch it would probably sound something like this: “Do you like candy and snacks? Do you like to try new food? How do new Japanese snacks delivered to your door each month sound? You’ll love Tokyo Treat!”

I’m excited to unbox one of these with my nieces. It’s a great way to introduce your young ones to new foods while teaching them about other cultures. I think it’s important to showcase how other people live, especially in other countries. Because all the candy and snacks will be new to you, it will be a unique experience to partake with your loved ones together.

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