The Bowflex C6 bike seat isn’t comfortable. Here are a few seat alternatives that will make your butt happy.

Did you just buy a Bowflex C6 bike and couldn’t wait to get your first workout on? I was thrilled when my bike finally arrived after being stuck somewhere in St. Louis, according to FedEx. After a somewhat easy assembly, I jumped up on my new C6 and started to ride. Twenty minutes later I was done; feeling accomplished, but had a lingering feeling as though I never left the seat.

Bowflex C6 Seat Alternatives

The bike seat, though a sleek, handsome red finish, lacks even an ounce of comfort. It’s like riding a cement block. Perhaps it is the overall nature of this type of bike, meant to keep you off your butt and aggressively pedaling to the finish line. Whatever the case, it simply isn’t comfortable, and I for one like to read while I’m riding my bike. So what is the solution?

Comfortable Bowflex C6 Seat Replacements

To much surprise, there are quite a few different options for making your Bowflex C6 seat more comfortable. Some of the products are full-blown seat replacements, while others are squishy, soft gel covers that go right over the C6 seat. Here are five Bowflex C6 seat alternatives sure to make your butt happy.

Bowflex C6 seat alternatives

1. DAWAY Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

This saddle is for the recreational cyclist who likes upright riding position, sitting completely upright, pedaling slowly. Especially suitable for obese people or seniors. Ideal Riding Style: Casual, leisurely, slow pedaling cadence.

2. Zutesu Bike Seat

Comfortable support for longer rides. Memory foam absorbs discomfort from bumps in the road protecting your sit bones and lower back. Made from high-quality memory foam that forms to your shape without impeding your conditioning for optimal distance training.

Bowflex C6 seat alternatives

3. Zutesu Bike Seat

Designed with dual shock absorbing balls under the bicycle seat ensure absorbing the shocks coming from the bumps, potholes, or any difficult terrain you are riding. A great choice for long-distance riding!

YBEKI Comfortable Men's / Women's Bike Seat

4. YBEKI Comfortable Men's / Women's Bike Seat

YBEKI is a brand specializing in the production of high-quality bicycle accessories and repair tools. Brand content includes — bicycle tool kits, bicycle seats, bicycle seat covers, bicycle pedals and various essential products for bicycle riding. We pay attention to product quality and the details of each product. Provide high-quality products for bicycle lovers.

MSDADA Comfortable Bike Seat-Padded Soft Bike Seat Cushion Memory Foam

5. MSDADA Comfortable Bike Seat-Padded Soft Bike Seat Cushion Memory Foam

MSDADA bicycle saddle suitable for most types of bicycles and easy to assemble. The Bike Saddle made of high quality materials, dramatically improves comfort during indoor and outdoor cycling session.

These are just some of the top-rated bike seats available to replace your Bowflex C6 bike seat. I’d recommend checking out more highly rated bike seat options on Amazon if you don’t find the right seat in this post.