With The Carry On Cocktail Kit ($24), you no longer have to drink like a college student while you fly. As the years go by, the amenities made available while one travels through the air continue to greatly improve. Comforts like television, Wi-Fi, and the ever-elusive legroom have been making their way into even the economy classes of nearly every airline around. But while adjustments are made to make these former flying cattle carts more suitable for human occupancy, there still tends to be one assuager that always gets overlooked: a proper drink. Thankfully, the makers of The Carry On Cocktail Kit have seen to it that this is no longer the case.

Housed in a perfect, pocket-sized carry on tin, the set comes with aromatic small-batch bitters, cane sugar, mini spoon/muddler combo, recipe card, and even a linen coaster. Simply order yourself a mini bourbon while you’re on the plane (don’t bring your own, trust me, they’re not fans) and you’re all set. No more being limited to whiskey-n-cokes for you, you lucky guy!