Toolboxes aren’t meant to be cool, but one Indiegogo campaign is looking to change that. Not just because their name is Coolbox ($170+ USD), but because this thing does damn near everything. Need some light when the sun goes down and you’re changing a tire? No worries, the Coolbox has a bright LED flood light. Need to charge your devices while working on the job? No worries, the Coolbox has USB charging ports. You get the picture.

Green Coolbox Toolbox

Along with its light and USB ports, the Coolbox has a slew of amazing features you wish every toolbox you owned had. I’m talking built-in speakers, a whiteboard, magnet top so you don’t lose nails and bolts, retractable power cord, tablet/phone stands, and more!

In just a few days the Coolbox Indiegogo campaign is at 450% of their targeted goal. Learn more about this revolutionary toolbox on their campaign page or by watching their pitch video below: