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Craftsman Premium V-Series Metal Tool Storage
Tools every DIY beginner needs

11 Tools Every DIY Beginner Needs

Whether you’re setting up your first home, or you’re a seasoned DIY pro, some things never change. The importance of having the right tools for the job is one of those things.
Lowe's Gift Guide for DIYers

Lowe’s Gift Guide for the DIYers in Your Life

I'm not quite sure when it happened to me, but I think it's safe to say I'm officially a homebody. I think it began after I got married to Sarah and we bought our first home. There's just nothing quite like coming home to your own place after a long business trip.
3D Printed Kobalt Tools in Space

Kobalt 3D Printed Tools in Space

In March, Made in Space and Lowe's Innovation Labs made news by launching the first ever commercial 3D printer to space. The 3D printer...
Lansky Fire Fighter Battle Axe

Lansky Fireman’s Battle Axe

When Lansky designed the Fireman's Battle Axe, they worked closely with a number of Professional Firefighters; all the way from concept to its final production.
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